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Welcome to The Chinese Weizishan Traditional Kung Fu Training Center to learn Chinese Kung Fu.

    The Chinese traditional kung fu school is a professional kung fu training center which has been approved by the Chinese government. We specialize in teaching traditional Chinese Martial Arts to foreign students and we can assist students with visa applications. Students can study here continuously for up to three years. Chinese Weizishan Traditional Kung Fu Training Center is owned and operated by Qu pei wen.
    Our kung fu school located in a protected landscape named Weizishan, situated among a mountain range covering four million sq. meters. It is a quiet environment providing fresh mountain air and has many types of beautiful flowers and fruit trees such as apple, peach, apricot and pear. It's a tranquil and relaxing environment for improving health, practicing Kung Fu, Qi Gong and meditation. There are many natural wonders here including beautiful forests, lakes and rivers. Fascinating monuments and sacred sites are scattered throughout the area. This is a great place to learn and practice Chinese kung fu.
    Weizishan is an important habitat for migratory birds from inland Northeast Asia and western Circum-Pacific regions.There are many kinds of birds including raptors, songbirds and Land-Fowls.There are two species of national class Ⅰ protected birds: The Golden Eagle and The Chinese Merganser. And there are also twenty kinds of national class Ⅱ protected birds.
    All the masters teaching at our facility are authentic masters of traditional Kung Fu with experience of teaching both Chinese and foreign students. We provide authentic styles of Mantis Fist, shaolinquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang, taichi , qigong , wingchun and wudangquan. We also offer classes in Chinese massage (Tuina), Buddhism, Taoism and Calligraphy. Students can choose what to study freely according to their interests after scheduled training. We pay close attention to enhancing student's qualities of health, well being and self-discpline. Our masters will make personalized training plans for students according to their interests and physical condition, thus helping them to progress efficiently. Our masters genuinely care for our students and their progress. We enjoy spending time students and building a strong relationship.
     We provide an indoor training hall, various areas to train outside, a fully equipped gymnasium and a massage room. We also have a classroom for the study of Mandarin, All equipment needed to train, such as weapons, protective gear and pads/bags are provided. We also have a games room with table tennis, a pool table, card table and a basketball court. Each student will have their own private room with a bed, a table for a computer and a closet. Internet connection and washing machine are provided free of charge. A common room is provided for socializing, relaxing and watching movies on the weekends. During the summer months, our students shower with solar-heated water. During the winter, our building is heated and hot showers are provided inside the building. Almost all food served at our school is organic and is grown on site in our gardens and picked from our trees. Students, masters and staff eat all meals together in the dining hall. This provides students with a feeling of acceptance by a Chinese family and it gives them an opportunity to practice their Mandarin skills. In short, we will ensure the quality of life and training of students with the greatest honesty, sincerity, patience and services.
    We welcome students who are self-disciplined, hard-working and respectful. We are honest and we strive to provide our students with a high standard of accommodation and training.
     The dormitories are a combination of European and Chinese style. All the accommodation is built from pine. Wooden buildings are both safe and environmentally friendly. There are also big rooms for whole families who come here to learn kungfu together. To make sure everyone can has a comfortable environment during winter, each room has air-conditioning and heating.
    We offer all kinds of Chinese foods which are delicious and nutritious. For breakfast, we offer milk, eggs, breads, millet congee, corn porridge, egg-fried rice and pickled vegetables.
     For lunch and dinner, we offer foods with both vegetable, meat and seafood dishes, which are all fresh and healthy.
    Most vegetables are organic which are grown by us. The cooks are highly experienced and flexible to students dietary needs.
    In our school,students are not allowed to drink wine except red letter days and the celebrations of students’ birthdays.

Chinese Weizishan Traditional Kungfu School     Tel:0086-535-2959779    Email:qushifu@aliyun.com